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Zakynthos Villas : Pool villas

Zante Luxury Villas

One of the latest luxury travel products on offer to those seeking the ultimate travel experience are private pool villas.

Pool villas generally come in two categories, a personal pool for each villa offering absolute privacy or a pool shared by two or three villas.

Avoid the morning race for a poolside lounger and treat yourself to a holiday villa with a private pool. Private pools are the perfect way of keeping the kids entertained onsite and offer hours of fun for all.

Bathe your feet in comfort while you relax with a long cool drink in the early evening or sample the delights of a night swim in balmy climates.

Whether secluded in the mountains, hidden in the depths of the country or by a sunny beach, renting a villa with a pool direct from the owner makes privacy a luxury all can afford.

Athenea Villas - Keri Lake Zante Greece
Athenea Villas
Keri Lake » Zakynthos » Greece

Athenea Villas situated in a place of serene beauty with superb panoramic views over the cliffs and azure waters of the Ionian Sea....

Anogia Villas - Laganas Zante Greece
Anogia Villas
Laganas » Zakynthos » Greece

The luxurious Anogia Villas are situated just outside the centre of one of the most famous Mediterranean resorts, Laganas in Zakynthos. The villas offer...

Zakynthos Villas - Vassilikos Zante Greece
Zakynthos Villas
Vassilikos » Zakynthos » Greece

Zakynthos Villas consists of 4 beautiful villas. The villas Athina, Evi and Giannis are located in Vasilikos tourist resort and Villa Iliachtida...

Villa Socrates - Vassilikos Zante Greece
Villa Socrates
Vassilikos » Zakynthos » Greece

This complex consists of two lovely villas, Villa Socrates and Villa Eleni built on a mountain in Xyrocastelo area in the tourist resort...

Sea Gems Luxury Villas - Vassilikos Zante Greece
Sea Gems Luxury Villas
Vassilikos » Zakynthos » Greece

The Sea Gem Villas is a complex consisting of two luxurious villas with private swimming pools, overlooking the blue waters of the beach...

Cielo Villas - Akrotiri Zante Greece
Cielo Villas
Akrotiri » Zakynthos » Greece

The Cielo Villas offer the ultimate escape from reality. Built on a hill in Akrotiri village guests can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view...

Fiorentinos Villa - Tsilivi Zante Greece
Fiorentinos Villa
Tsilivi » Zakynthos » Greece

The Fiorentinos villa consists of the main villa and a guesthouse. It is ideal for groups of friends or families who are looking...

Artina Luxury Villa - Keri Lake Zante Greece
Artina Luxury Villa
Keri Lake » Zakynthos » Greece

The Artina Villa is a luxurious holiday home built on a hill, overlooking the Ionian Sea, Marathonisi Island and the gulf of Keri....

Avra Luxury Villa - Keri Lake Zante Greece
Avra Luxury Villa
Keri Lake » Zakynthos » Greece

The Avra Villa is located in the traditional Limni Keri village overlooking the endless blue of the Ionian Sea. This stone villa is...

Ambassador Villa - Keri Lake Zante Greece
Ambassador Villa
Keri Lake » Zakynthos » Greece

The Ambassador Villa is an ideal holiday home that will suit every visitor’s needs and preferences. It offers many facilities such as parking...

Villa Calma Luxury Beach Villa - Vassilikos Zante Greece
Villa Calma Luxury Beach Villa
Vassilikos » Zakynthos » Greece

Villa Calma is located on the rock, in the quiet and charming village of Porto Roma in Vassilikos, embraced by the Ionian...

Amalthia Villa - Mouzaki Zante Greece
Amalthia Villa
Mouzaki » Zakynthos » Greece

Amalthia Luxury villa is a 6-bedroom villa with a newly built private pool in Mouzaki, a small village in the south of Zakynthos....

Azimut Villa - Tsilivi Zante Greece
Azimut Villa
Tsilivi » Zakynthos » Greece

Azimut Villa is built within a private property of 1.3 hectares in Tsilivi area. The villa offers 4 bedrooms, big spacious rooms as...

Dolce Luxury Suites - Psarou Zante Greece
Dolce Luxury Suites
Psarou » Zakynthos » Greece

Dolce Luxury Suites are built amongst olive groves in the coastal Psarou village only 50 meters from the beach. The complex consists of...

Castelli Villa - Lagopodo Zante Greece
Castelli Villa
Lagopodo » Zakynthos » Greece

Castelli Luxury Villa is an amazing 240 sq. m. villa built on the top of a hill, offering great privacy and stunning panoramic...

Kalas Residence - Keri Lake Zante Greece
Kalas Residence
Keri Lake » Zakynthos » Greece

The Kalas Residence villa is built on a pine covered hillcrest overlooking the Ionian Sea and the beautiful Marathonisi Island. Measuring 150 square...

La Maison du Maire - Sarakinado Zante Greece
La Maison du Maire
Sarakinado » Zakynthos » Greece

In a private property of 5800 sq. m. (1,4 acre), offering wonderful views to the surrounding pine-trees, olive-trees and grape gardens, you can...

Perla Beach Villa - Tragaki Zante Greece
Perla Beach Villa
Tragaki » Zakynthos » Greece

Perla Beach Villa on Zakynthos island… a luxurious villa built next to the sea, viewing the endless blue sea. Perla Beach Villa is...

Eleni's Family Villa
Laganas » Zakynthos » Greece

The Eleni’s Family Villa is a beautiful home ideal for a relaxing family vacation. Μeasuring 280 square meters it can comfortably accommodate 8+3...

Villa Arista - Tsilivi Zante Greece
Villa Arista
Tsilivi » Zakynthos » Greece

If what you are seeking in a holiday villa is privacy along with exceptional services then Arista Villa is the perfect choice. The...

Villa Koutami - Volimes Zante Greece
Villa Koutami
Volimes » Zakynthos » Greece

Villa Koutami is located in the village of Megaloni, Skinaria approximately 2,5 kilometers from the traditional village of Ano Volimes. This spacious villa...

Tambouros Boutique Villas - Vassilikos Zante Greece
Tambouros Boutique Villas
Vassilikos » Zakynthos » Greece

Live an absolute luxury experience in you private pool villa, Masada. The villa is perfect for up to 6 persons. Offers 3 bedrooms,...

Tramonto Villa - Volimes Zante Greece
Tramonto Villa
Volimes » Zakynthos » Greece

NEW ADDITION. Coming Soon........

Sarakino Villa - Agios Dimitrios Zante Greece
Sarakino Villa
Agios Dimitrios » Zakynthos » Greece

Sarakino House is a special holiday villa set amongst peaceful surroundings in the village of Agios Dimitrios. A villa built with special care...

Bozonos Villa - Akrotiri Zante Greece
Bozonos Villa
Akrotiri » Zakynthos » Greece

Bozonos Luxury Villa is synonymous to elegance for elite travellers from all over the world. It lies in a wonderful location, called Akrotiri, on...

Orfos Villas - Volimes Zante Greece
Orfos Villas
Volimes » Zakynthos » Greece

Located in the beautiful coastal resort of Aghios Nikolas on the North of the island of Zakynthos is the Orfos Villas. These luxurious...

Kymaros Villas - Keri Lake Zante Greece
Kymaros Villas
Keri Lake » Zakynthos » Greece

Located in a panoramic position close to the traditional resort of Keri Lake is where you will find the beautiful stone Kymaros They...

Liuba Stone Houses - Vassilikos Zante Greece
Liuba Stone Houses
Vassilikos » Zakynthos » Greece

The Liuba Houses complex is a family business consisting of 7 separate two bedroom houses, two of whom also feature private pools, in...

Callisto Villa - Gyri Zante Greece
Callisto Villa
Gyri » Zakynthos » Greece

Villa Callisto is an old mansion built in 1901 that has been restored and fully renovated in 2015. It measures 210 square meters...

Eleonas Villa - Galaro Zante Greece
Eleonas Villa
Galaro » Zakynthos » Greece

Eleonas is a 4 bedroom 150 sq.m villa with private pool, located in the peaceful Galaro village. It is situated amongst olive trees...

Serenus Luxury Villa - Marathias Zante Greece
Serenus Luxury Villa
Marathias » Zakynthos » Greece

The Serenus Luxury Villa is built in a private plot measuring 10,000 square meters, in the village of Marathias. It is situated on...

Vatia Villas - Tragaki Zante Greece
Vatia Villas
Tragaki » Zakynthos » Greece

The Vatia Villas complex consists of two amazing villas located in the quiet area of Tragaki village, on the northeast of the island....

Harmony Villa - Amoudi Zante Greece
Harmony Villa
Amoudi » Zakynthos » Greece

The Harmony Villa offers privacy, stunning panoramic sea views and beautiful green surroundings. Two sandy beaches as well as some of the best...

Amara Villa - Anafonitria Zante Greece
Amara Villa
Anafonitria » Zakynthos » Greece

Villa Amara, a brand new luxurious villa is the absolute holiday destination. The 600 sq.m big villa is truly something unique. The amazing...

Villa Clairy - Mouzaki Zante Greece
Villa Clairy
Mouzaki » Zakynthos » Greece

Villa Clairy is a 3 bedroom, 120 sq.m villa with private pool located in the village of Mouzaki. Its location on the top...

Mamfredas Resort - Tsilivi Zante Greece
Mamfredas Resort
Tsilivi » Zakynthos » Greece

Mamfredas Resort is a private complex measuring 5,000sqm, consisting of eight, luxury two storey villas in the cosmopolitan resort of Tsilivi. The unique...

Blue Caves Villas - Volimes Zante Greece
Blue Caves Villas
Volimes » Zakynthos » Greece

Blue Caves Villas is a private, peaceful and romantic Villas complex comprised of five traditional Zakynthian stone houses. The Villas are in an...

Vafias Villa - Lithakia Zante Greece
Vafias Villa
Lithakia » Zakynthos » Greece

Vafias Villas are located on a private estate in the quiet and relaxing resort of Lithakia, built on a hillside overlooking the dazzling...

Aerial View Villas - Lithakia Zante Greece
Aerial View Villas
Lithakia » Zakynthos » Greece

Aerial View Villas are situated on the southeast coast of Zakynthos, tucked away in the most beautiful and tranquil area of the island...

St.John Resort Hotel-Villas-Suites & Spa - Tsilivi Zante Greece
St.John Resort Hotel-Villas-Suites & Spa
Tsilivi » Zakynthos » Greece

Located on the outskirts of Tsilivi, these four star villas have been constructed and furnished in a contemporary manner yet still retain a...

Lorenzo Villas - Agios Sostis Zante Greece
Lorenzo Villas
Agios Sostis » Zakynthos » Greece

Lorenzo Villas, a complex of five villas with private pools, is the ideal holiday destination for a private vacation near the beach. The...

Olive Hill Mansion - Romiri Zante Greece
Olive Hill Mansion
Romiri » Zakynthos » Greece

Olive Hill Mansion is a 4 bedroom mansion, built on a hill and amongst the family’s traditional olive grove. It features a private...

Arge Villa - Varres Zante Greece
Arge Villa
Varres » Zakynthos » Greece

Are you looking for a home away from home? The Arge Villa is a fully equipped, 2 floor vacation home that can accommodate...

Boschetto Village - Agios Leontas Zante Greece
Boschetto Village
Agios Leontas » Zakynthos » Greece

Boschetto Holiday Village is located in vast green surroundings in a quiet and peaceful location on the picturesque island of Zakynthos. The holiday village...

Leone Luxury Villas - Kalamaki Zante Greece
Leone Luxury Villas
Kalamaki » Zakynthos » Greece

The Leone Villas are set in a plot of 12000 square meters with beautiful, well kept outdoor areas in the tourist resort of...

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