Zante Boat Trips

While visiting the magnificent island your holiday would not be complete without one of the fabulous boat trips. Many local tour operators offer a variety of excursions by boat which give you the opportunity to see for yourself the unique coastline of the island.

The most famous trip on offer is that to the shipwreck cove or Navagio as it is known locally. The beach is only accessible by boat, as it is surrounded by cliffs but is one of the most stunning sights in Greece the shipwreck lies in the middle of a breathtaking white sandy bay, dominated by white limestone cliffs and surrounded by turquoise water. The shipwreck is in fact a container boat that was trying to illegally smuggle cigarettes and alcohol and was pursued by the Greek navy. Encountering stormy weather the boat ran aground and was abandoned by the crew.

The famous Blue Caves are another tourist attraction. Nature has crafted a unique impression in the picturesque and imposing cliffs offering the visitor a most extraordinary spectacle. Arches and domes which could never have been formed by the human hand offer stunning grottos deep blue in colour, hence the name. Many of the excursions to the blue caves are taken by small boat which takes you inside these magnificent grottos.

Marathonisi is the home of the rare endangered species of loggerhead turtle Caretta-Caretta and is one of the many beautiful and unique natural secrets of Zante. The island's shape resembles a turtle which is why it is affectionately known as Turtle Island. This uninhabited island is located off the south coast of the island opposite Keri.

Zante taxi in Zakynthos Blue Shore Motorboat Cruises
Blue Shore Motorboat Cruises


Blue Shore Motorboat Cruises and boat rentals
Zante taxi in Zakynthos Cruise Mar
Cruise Mar


Enjoy riding the waves and cruising around the island in a safe, high tech boat with a glass bottom.
Zante taxi in Zakynthos Porto Vromi Maries Boats
Porto Vromi Maries Boats


Boat tours to the Shipwreck and the caves found in the area of Porto Vromi.
Zante taxi in Zakynthos Potamitis Brothers Trips
Potamitis Brothers Trips


Trips to the bluecaves & the Shipwreck from the closest departure point to the Blue Caves from the Windmills in Skinari.
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Le Concierge - Lavish Services


Offering concierge solutions & bespoke services, Le Concierge has been designed to cater for the most discerning travelers who wish to explore the Ionian islands