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Zakynthos Villas : Greek Carnival in Zakynthos Island

CARNIVAL (FEB-MARCH - dates fluctuate depending on annual calendar)

Zakynthos’carnival is now very famous all over Greece for being magnificent and very merry. For hundreds of years the island of Zakynthos upholds and honours old carnival traditions, in which locals actively participate on different levels. Before the season’s events commence, a town crier walks through central areas and announces what locals should expect that year for the carnival festivities. As a rule, the events programme is always full of creative and widely entertaining ideas, focused mainly on dance, theatre and song events.
On the final weekend of Carnival the events reach their peak; the town witnesses a very well organized and vividly coloured parade displaying various outfits. One age-old tradition practiced in Zakynthos at this time is “the funeral of the mask”, which involves a ritual in which revellers dressed as widows hold a mock funeral (a parody of funeral) and bury the Carnival King, as a symbolic act to pronounce the end of carnival.

The villas listed below offer accommodation during the Carnival period to give guests a chance to enjoy a fun filled party experience for all the family in Zakynthos.

Villa Koutami - Volimes Zante Greece
Villa Koutami
Volimes » Zakynthos » Greece

Villa Koutami is located in the village of Megaloni, Skinaria approximately 2,5 kilometers from the traditional village of Ano Volimes. This spacious villa...

Vafias Villa - Lithakia Zante Greece
Vafias Villa
Lithakia » Zakynthos » Greece

Vafias Villas are located on a private estate in the quiet and relaxing resort of Lithakia, built on a hillside overlooking the dazzling...

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